Who is Yuri Sardarvo?

Yuri Sardarov, aka Yuriy Sardarov, is an actor and producer who was born on January 28, 1988. He has a long history in the theater. He was a regular on NBC’s Chicago Fire until the eighth season when his character was killed off. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Yuri Sardarov Childhood, Family and Education

Yuri was born in the Soviet Union in Russia, in the Azerbaijan SSR. He was born into a family of Russian speakers. When he was two years old, his family relocated to the United States of America.

His father’s and mother’s names have not been revealed. However, his mother is an Armenian. His father is a Georgian. As a result of this, Yuri Sardarov is deemed to be half-Georgian, half-Armenian.

In one of his tweets, he says that he is still Russian, though with an American accent. This accent is attributed to his long stay in the United States of America and the fact that he left Russia at the age of only two years.

Yuri Sardarov Movies and TV Shows

As a producer, he made his professional debut. He primarily made short films at the beginning of his career. “Agoraphobia at 2530 Brian Dr.” in 2008 is one of his earlier pieces that include short films.

Yuri Sardarov in Chicago Fire. Source: Instagram

He also produced “Dupe” in the same year, but it wasn’t until 2011 that he earned roles in three films that he got his big break. These were “The Ides of March,” a historical complication. NBC’s American Acting Drama series “Chicago Fire” is one film that has helped to launch his career.

For his leading part in this film, he has received a lot of praise. In October of 2012, he began performing in this film. He performed alongside actors like Jon Michael Ecker, Marina Squerciati, Kara Killmer, David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso, Adriyan Rae, Melissa Ponzio, and more.

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Yuri Sardarov Death|Partner

A cast member named Brian “Otis” Zvonecek died from injuries sustained in a mattress manufacturing fire during the premiere of the 8th season of Chicago Fire. Sardarov even took to Twitter to express his sorrow over the death of his cherished character and a buddy.

After the death of his character.

An equipment explosion at the facility started the fire that killed Otis. Otis was unable to enter an adjacent room where other firefighters had sought refuge, but he was able to send out a distress signal.

Cruz (Joe Minoso), a friend and colleague, discovers the severely charred body, and an unconscious Otis is rushed to the hospital, but he does not survive.

Yuri Sardarov Girlfriend

The actor, who has fair skin, has not yet married. He is, however, in a good relationship with Brittany Zimmermann, his girlfriend of more than two years.

Yuri Sardarov with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram

The two are pictured together in a photo taken on November 9th, 2015, during a premiere celebration for NBC’s Chicago Fire.

This occurred in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Yuri Sardarov and Brittany Zimmermann attend the Chicago Fire premiere on NBC in Chicago, Illinois.

Yuri Sardarov Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

The 30-year-old actor stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches, or 1.75 meters. His weight has not yet been determined, although he has a well-proportioned physique. In addition, he has black eyes and dark hair.

Yuri Sardarov Weight Loss

Yuri hasn’t lost any weight, according to the records. However, he seems to refer to this in one of his interviews when discussing his body form. This was a reference to the first episode of Chicago, in which he asserts that the entire program was about food.

He then claims that he must have put on weight since then. However, he goes ahead to indicate that he involved himself in boxing to try to lose some weight.

Here’s what he has to say:

Onset, there’s this place with all types of food. I must have gained 20 pounds throughout the first season. So I pushed myself this summer by doing some boxing in Los Angeles. Now I try to stay as far away as possible from it and eat my vegetables”.This appears to have piqued the interest of one of his fans, Tina, who writes on his Twitter account that Yuri has lost weight.

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Yuri Sardarov Net Worth

The net worth of the American actor is currently unknown. However, it is thought to have risen to a million dollars. This is due to his frequent appearances on television shows as both an actor and a producer.

Source: Instagram

It’s worth mentioning that he’s been a producer and actor for over a decade. All of this must-have added up to a substantial sum of money for him, allowing him to live comfortably.

Social Life

n today’s technological age, celebrities are obligated to be present on many social media platforms where their admirers can communicate with them. Yuriy is thus a frequent internet user, with 198,000 Instagram followers and an average of 15,000 likes on each photo he shares.

The actor whose Instagram handle is @yursar mostly shares photos of himself having fun with friends, and motivational messages. He is also active on Twitter where he goes by the name Yuriy Sardadov and has 82,000 followers.

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