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Tasya Teles is a Canadian actress. Her fame skyrocketed after she played in the CW’s The 100 as Echo. She has also played in other series such as Intruders as Daniella and Travelers as Pike/Traveler 009.

How much is Tasya Teles salary and earning from CW’s The 100?

Tasya Teles with her colleagues from The 100. Source: Instagram

We can say that Tasya Teles has earn huge amount of money from her role in The 100. Although there is no exact information about her salary but we can be sure that it is in the thousands per episode. Similarly, judging by the episodes she has played we can get the idea of how much she has earned from the world renowned show, The 100.

What is Tasya Teles Net Worth?

Source: Instagram

Tasya Teles has earned a huge amount of money from playing in different series and movies. While different sources provide different information about her net worth, her net worth is around $2 million. She still has more upcoming projects which will undoubtedly help her earn even more.

As Tasya Teles is a millionare, she is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with her family and friends back in her hometown.

Tasya Tele’s Assets

Tasya Teles enjoying her life. Source: Instagram

Talking about her assets, she has kept information about her assets private. But we were able to know that she has a beautiful house in Canada. Although information about her cars and jewelry is unavailable, the beautiful actress is enjoying her life in Canada.

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