Nowadays, who does not like to play video games? We can see that from kids to adults everybody loves to play games. In social media, many people have gained popularity in different sectors including Suzy Berhow.

Gaming has also got a lot of attention among people. Among them is Suzy Berhow otherwise called Mortem3r owner of “KittyKatGaming” and “Montem3r” Youtube channels. She is famous for being the part of Game Grumps internet sensation.

We are covering everything about Suzy Berhow’s bio, childhood, personal life, career, net worth, Who is her boyfriend? and many more. Stick with us till the end to know everything about Suzy Berhow.

Suzy Berhow Bio: Age, Early Life, Family, and Siblings

Suzy Berhow was brought into the world on July 3, 1989, and she is now 31 years in age. She is from Orlando, Florida and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Further, her complete name is Suzanne “Suzy” however, she is famous as Mortem3.

Discussing her family, She is born to her mother Patricia Noah and her father is Abel Shingange. About her siblings, she has five senior siblings and a sister. She has an identical twin sister named Jean who was born 15 seconds before her.

Further, she is the most youthful of six kids and her siblings are Matt, Charlie, and Joey; and her sister Ginger. Other than this, there is no data about her folks and other family subtleties.

She graduated from secondary school at a nearby school in Orlando.

Suzy Berhow Career (Youtube Channel)

Suzy Berhow started her career as a Model on August 15, 2008, and worked for 2 years straight. Then she started her YouTube channel ‘KittyKatGaming’ and “Montem3r”. In her gaming channels, Suzy updates DIY videogames, makeup tutorials, and cosplays.

Suzy Berhow also contributes hugely to ‘Game Grumps’ a ‘Let’s Play’ web video series channel created by Arin Hanson and Jon Jafari.

She occasionally assists the Game Grump group while they are in the process of creating and recording videos. She made a guest appearance in ‘Gotta Poo’ by Arin along with Mimi and Barry and debuted as a voiceover in ‘Pay Your Workers’.

Suzy appeared as a gamer for the first time in the internet video series, ‘Mario Party for Steam Rolled’ featuring alongside Arin, Ross, and Barry. She has replaced Leigh Daniel Avidan—famous as Danny Sexbang of the music band, Ninja Sexbang —as a regular player on the episodes of ‘Mario Party for Steam Rolled’.

Suzy was present together with Arin on Game Grumps on two episodes of ‘Date Grumps’ themed around Valentine in 2014. ‘The Lion King’ was one of the episodes while the other was ‘Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo’.

An image of Berhow was uploaded on Instagram with a message that detailed that she was involved with a show devoted to fans of the Game Grump channel.

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Suzy Berhow Husband

As a 31-year-old woman, she is happily married to her husband Arin Hanson. They exchanged their vows in 2013. They previously dated for 11 years. As per the sources, they met in an anime show in 2002 and began dating.

Since then they have been living together with three cats. They are Mochi, Mimi, and recently kitten Otto. As per having kids, she has planned that she will give birth after reaching 35 years old.

Suzy Berhow Height and Weight

She has a healthy body with a height of around 5 feet 6 inches.

According to our research, there is no information on her other body estimation details including weight, chest-midsection hip measures, dress size, shoe size.

Similarly, she has beautiful pair of hazel eyes and earthy colored hair that she regularly colors blonde.

Suzy Berhow Weight Loss

There were a lot of comments on Social Media regarding Suzy’s Weight gain and Loss. Many people were posting negative comments which made her sad.

The weight gain was mainly due to her thyroid and medication which dramatically increased her weight.

Thyroid disease makes it difficult for people to maintain a healthy weight. Extreme weight loss/gain, as well as the added burden of how society regards such things, can hurt someone’s mental health.

She also faced same problems and tweeted,

But now she has managed to win against the thyroid and has even maintained her body to the prior self.

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Suzy Berhow Net Worth

Suzy is a well-known host, YouTuber, Social media star. She is a very hard-working person who made a great place for herself on social media.

In all of this year of her contributions, she has gained a lot of fans. Her estimated net worth is around $15 million.

She is also in the modeling sector so, she may have gathered some amount from the modeling sector too.

Suzy Berhow Social Media

Discussing her web-based media presence, Suzy Berhow joined Twitter in January 2009 and at present has over 360K supporters on her Mort3mer account.

Moreover, she additionally has 4,476 posts shares and 374K followers on her mortemer Instagram handle.

A closer look at her Youtube channels, she made her first channel “Mortem3r” on April 28, 2012. This channel has 288k subscribers and over.

In like manner, her other channel “KittyKatGaming” was made on July 23, 2014, and has 43,433,944 subscribers with 341K, supporters. She additionally has another channel “Meeperfish” however, she has not refreshed it for more than 7 years now.

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