Raegan Revord is a 14-year-old actress from the United States. She is best recognized for her role as “Missy Cooper” (Sheldon’s twin sister) in the CBS comedy series “Young Sheldon“.

Raegan is also known for her roles in shows such as “Modern Family“, “Wish Upon“, and others. Capricorn is her zodiac sign.

Learn about Raegan, age, net worth, and other data. Find her profile summary and many more.

Raegan Revord Bio: Early Life, Age, Parents, and Education)

Raegan was born in the United States on January 3, 2008 (14 Years old). She was born and raised in the California city of San Diego. She is the only sibling. Holly Revord and Ryan Phillippe are her parents.

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Her educational history has yet to be revealed, although, for a youngster, she is expected to still be in school learning. She might have attended a local San Diego school for her education.

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Raegan Revord Movies and TV Shows

Her debut movie is Tortoise (2015). She also appeared in Jia and the sketch comedy series W/ Bob and David in the same year.

Raegan’s first recurring appearance on Modern Family was when she was just six years old. Since then, she has appeared in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. She also had a recurring role in TV Land’s Teachers.

Raegan rose to prominence after starring alongside Zoe Perry and Iain Armitage in the television series Young Sheldon as Missy Cooper.

Every story starts from first page of book

Raegan Revord is a committed writer who is now working on a children’s book titled “My Story as a Gold Nugget” as well as a television script that she is selling to studios.

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She’s also a fantastic reader who provides her monthly book recommendations.

She just started a book club called #ReadingWithRaegan to share her monthly book recommendations with her fans.

Raegan Love every Living Being

She is also a Junior Ambassador for Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California, and a supporter of animal rescue. Raegan, her parents, and four rescue dogs currently reside in Los Angeles.

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Is Raegan Revord dating in this Young age?

She has no boyfriend or dating history because she is a minor. As a result, she is unattached. She is presently concentrating on both her education and her professional acting career. She may, however, date an attractive man in the future.

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Raegan Revord Net Worth

Raegan Revord is an American child actor who has risen to the top of the film and television industry in the United States. She has amassed a sizable fortune as a result of her acting and enjoys a nice existence with her family.

Raegan is said to have a net worth of around $350,000, according to audacy.

Body Measurement or Beauty measurement (Height & Weight)

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Raegan Revord is a lovely young lady with a beautiful attitude. This youthful and attractive American actress stands at a height of 4 feet 11 inches, or roughly 1.5 meters. She is roughly 45 kg (99 lbs) in weight. Her hair is also blonde, and her eyes are hazel.

Is she handle her social media?

Raegan Revord is active on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her parents manage her social media account because she is too young to manage it. Despite her youth, she has amassed a sizable fan base.

She also has approximately 360k Instagram followers (raeganrevord), more than 20.1k Twitter followers (@OfficialRaeganR), and about 106k Facebook followers (Raegan Revord).

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