Lauren Shulkind is a mosaic artist from the United States who uses tiny stones, glassware, and tiles to represent ancient art and architecture. She can create historical scenarios from the Bible’s Old Testament events.

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Lauren Shulkind Bio: Early Life, Parents and Education

Lauren Carol Shulkind was born in the United States of America to Mr. and Mrs. Shulkind. She began learning painting at an early age and competed in numerous art competitions throughout her high school years.

However, Lauren had two brothers, Steven Shulkind and Garry Alan Shulkind, with whom she grew up. Aside from that, she has a close relationship with her brothers, with whom she spent the majority of her upbringing.

Therefore, Lauren Shulkind’s age is still unknown because her birth year has not been released to the public. However, we can confirm that she has a birthday on September 29th thanks to Tony’s Instagram post. Lauren’s spouse is 76 years old, thus we may guess she’s anywhere between 70 and 80 years old.

What does Lauren Shulkind do for a living?

Lauren Shilkind works as a mosaic artist for a living and is best known as the wife of Tony Dow, a well-known American television actor, director, film producer, and sculptor.

After marrying her spouse, she became more well-known. She’s also worked for an advertising agency and on the “All America Guy” advertisement for McDonald’s.

Tony has appeared in several television shows and films, including The Eleventh Hour, Leave It to Beaver, Death Scream, Emergency, My Three Sons, and many others, as well as directing shows including Coach, Space 9, Babylon 5, and others.

Lauren Shulkind’s husband Tony Dow with the movie Leave it To Beaver. Source: Instagram

Lauren Shulkind Relationship, Husband, and Dating History

Lauren and Tony, the star of Leave It to Beaver, are a happily married couple who are completely in love with each other. The two met for the first time in Kansas City, Missouri, near the end of 1978. After spending quality time together, they became immersed in a love relationship.

On the 16th of June 1980, the couple married in a small and close ceremony in Orange County, California. They discovered the bundle of joy after becoming parents to a child whose identity, still being investigated. They do, however, have a lovely granddaughter named Tyla.

“I’m very proud of Tony,” Lauren says. “He’s passionate about all of the things he’s so capable of doing. He’s a builder, he’s a designer, he’s a sculptor. I look in amazement at all of the things he’s created.

Lauren Shulkind with husband Tony Dow at an early age. Source: Instagram

Tony had a marital relationship with Carol Marie Theresa Marlow from June 14, 1969, to March 10, 1980, before Lauren’s marriage. They also have a son, Christopher Dow (born March 26, 1973), who is now a successful actor.

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Lauren Shulkind Husband Tony Dow

Tony Dow is an actor, director, and sculptor who is best known for portraying Wally Cleaver, the eldest son on the television sitcom Leave it to Beaver from 1957 to 1963.

Following that, he starred in the teen soap opera Never Too Young and made guest appearances on Mr. Novak and Square Pegs, among other shows. Dow went behind the camera later in his career, directing episodes of shows including Babylon 5 and Coach.

Therefore, Tony Dow was a talented young diver and swimmer who competed in the AAU Junior Olympic Games in the past.
He eventually went to acting:

A friend came by and said, `Do you wanna go to the studio?` and I said, `I don`t know,` and my mom said, `Put on your blue suit,` so I dug that out and went to the studio and, you know, it just sort of happened.

Tony Dow at movie Leave It To Bearer. Source:

Tony Dow Hospitalized with pneumonia

After a traumatic 24-hour wait for a room, Tony Dow, who played big brother Wally Cleaver in the golden era TV classic Leave It to Beaver, was hospitalized with pneumonia over the weekend.

Lauren Shulkind, the 76-year-old ex-child star’s wife. She verified to TMZ that her husband of 41 years spent “24 hours” in the waiting room before being treated due to a scarcity of hospital beds caused by a surge in Delta variant infections in California.

Lauren Shulkind Love for Pet

Lauren and her husband, Tony, have a dog named Poppy, who is a mixed English Springer Spaniel breed. She also enjoys spending most of her time with her dog at her Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles County home.

Lauren Shulkind and Tony with their dog. Source: Instagram

Similarly, the price of an English Springer Spaniel dog breed ranges from $700 to $1,000. Surprisingly, a puppy of this breed may be purchased for as little as $850.

What is the net worth of Lauren Shulkind?

Lauren is a stunning artist with a net worth of roughly $550,000. She has amassed a sizable wealth through her professional career as a mosaic artist, and she and her husband have been living a happy life together. Her husband, Tony, is also wealthy, with a net worth of $4 million as noted by celebritynetworth.

What is the body measurement of Lauren Shulkind? (Height, Weight)

However, Lauren, the mosaic artist, is attractive and in good health. Her hair is white-brown, and her eyes are blur-colored eyes. Aside from that, she remains quiet regarding her bodily measurements, such as her height, weight, waist, hip, and clothing sizes, all of which are currently under review.

Source: Instagram

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Is she active on social media?

Luren, the famous TV actor’s wife, isn’t on any social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, her husband is active on several social media platforms.

On Instagram, he has a dedicated account called @tondowofficial, which has over 10.3k followers. Therefore, he is also active on Twitter, where he has over 1768 followers under the handle @TonyDowOfficial.

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