Who is Jon Michael Ecker?

Jon Michael William Ecker is a Brazilian-American actor who was born on March 16, 1983. He is famous for his parts in Popland!, Pablo Peralta in the drama Corazón valiente, Nicolás “Nico” de la Vega in Gossip Girl: Acapulco, Marlon Brando in the film Cantinflas, and Raymundo “El Güero” Dávila in the USA Network series Queen of the South. He is married to Laura James.


Ecker was born in San Marcos, to actor Guy Ecker and an undisclosed mother. Ecker followed in his father’s footsteps, acting in Latin American films such as Gossip Girl: Acapulco, the Mexican adaptation of the American TV show. His parents got divorced when he was a child. Again his father got married to Estela Sainz in 2000. There is no information on his siblings and qualification.


Jon-Michael Ecker is a Brazilian-American actor who has been in Netflix shows such as Narcos and, most recently, Firefly Lane. He even got roles in Chicago Fire as Lieutenant Greg Grainger with other celebrities like Marina Squerciati and Kara Killmer. He’s worked in the entertainment sector for over a decade, beginning with telenovelas like Corazon Valiente and then going into the English-language market. Ecker’s popularity grows, yet he remains elusive since he lives a very quiet life.

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Eva Luna, La Mentira, and Heridas de Amor are just a few of his telenovelas. He also had success in the United States, appearing in two seasons of NBC’s Las Vegas and co-starring in the films Only the Brave and Malevolent.

During Chicago FIre shoot. Source: Instagram

It’s no surprise that he majored in Aquatic Biology because he enjoys being outside, especially on the water. He worked as a research diver for five years after graduation. Soon after, he relocated to Mexico City to pursue acting.
Andrea, a 17-year-old girl, was forced to support her family after her father was disabled in a car accident. After being dismissed from the same job because her boss’s girlfriend didn’t want him to work with a woman, she ends up working for a law company dressed as a man. El Mudra was played by Ecker.

Poland!, a Colombian soap opera about a small-town girl who finds a job as a photographer, aired on MTV Latin America for only one season. Ari Morales was played by Ecker. In 2014, he started working in the English-language market. Cantinflas was the untold story of Mario Moreno Cantinflas, a Mexican comic film actor, played by Oscar Jaenada. Marlon Brando was played by Ecker.

Personal Life

Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) falls madly in love with him, but he also gets her connected with the Vargas Cartel, leading to her fleeing for her safety and eventually launching her own illegal enterprise. While in the play, actor Ecker had a whirlwind affair with Teresa, when he gets home from set, he has a different love in his life.

There are scant specifics regarding how Ecker and James met, but they appear to be still together as the model just uploaded an Instagram photo of them both snuggling by a Christmas tree. Ecker was married to another well-known model and actress before his romance with James. Ecker and Mori apparently began dating in 2012 and married in 2014, however, it is unclear when they parted up.

Jon-Michael Ecker with his girlfriend Laura James.

Mori was previously involved in another serious and public relations before meeting Ecker. Mori was previously linked to Sergio Mayers, an actor, producer, and model. Even though their relationship didn’t work out, Mori and Mayers had a son named Sergio in 1998, with Ecker serving as his stepfather at one point. While Ecker is now happily married to model James, Guero’s journey in Queen of the Desert is still unfolding.

In the year 2000, he married Mexican-American actress Estela Sainz, with whom he has three children: Sofia, Liam, and Kaelan. The guy was previously married for two years to another actress, Nia Peeples. Jon-stepmothers Michael’s are Nia and Estela. Nia Peeples is married four times.

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Little is known about his personal life apart from what he posts on social media. He reveals glimpses of his favorite things, such as film sets, travel, being on the ocean, and his girlfriend.

Body Measurement

Jon Michael Eckers spending his day peacefully. Source: Instagram

Jon Michael Eckers weight is 75 kg (165.34 lbs) whereas his height is 5 feet 10 inches (1.8m). His face is oval with brown eyes and a perfect nose. His hair is medium brown. He is an extra person and has a good nature. He is very kind and has a flaw of Sedimental.

Net Worth

He has an impressive net worth as his hard work pays off. He is a talented actor and earns a handsome amount of salary. His salary is 3-4 million USD approximately. His total net worth is 1 billion USD approximately. He has not disclosed his net worth so much.

Social Media

Jon Michael Ecker is active in social media. If you want to follow him on Instagram his user name is @jonecker which has 224K followers. Though he uses Facebook and Twitter the it is not verified.

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