Who is John Hansbury?

Have you ever heard of Madeline Kahn, the most beautiful and talented actress ever born in the Hollywood Era? If so, today we are discussing Madeline Kahn’s beloved late husband, John Hansbury. He was previously a lawyer in NYC and is currently the chairman of the OCRA Board of Directors.

John has been arrested in the media for his love and pure relationship with his late wife, Madeline Kahn. He was a well-known face in Hollywood as an actor, comedian, and musician. Kahn has been involved in many projects such as What’s Up, Doc? Top Concerns, Paper Month, and much more. Let’s find out about Kahn’s work in charge of John Hansbury’s dreams and personal life here.

John Hansbury Early Life, Famile, and Education

John Hansbury was born in the 1940s and is now in his 80’s. He moved to the family of the late Stephen J.Hansbury and Susan P. Hansbury in Rockport, United States of America. He lived and enjoyed his childhood with great ease under the caring care of his parents.

In addition, she moved to Oberlin to further her education. John completed his high school education at Oberlin High School and attended the Antioch School of Law, located in Washington DC, to earn his Bachelor of Law degree.

John Hansbury Career

After his graduation, began practicing law at NYC as a professional Advocate. So, after some months of practice, he finally becomes a licensed Attorney in NYC. Unfortunately, not many details are available about his previous career and his professional life.

John Hansbury, Chair Of OCRA
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However, John currently serves as Chairman of the OCRA Board of Directors. He joined the work after the death of his beloved wife, Madeline Kahn. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and experienced a great deal of pain and suffering throughout her life.

As a result, thanks to him, John established a charity to support the same Ovarian patients so that they could provide appropriate treatment and awareness to eradicate the disease permanently.

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John Hansbury Personal Life

John Hansbury is a simple, respectful, and caring man who lost his heart because of the famous Hollywood actress Madeline Kahn. The two have a romantic history for decades as, at the time, Madeline was at the peak of her career and rarely managed John’s time.

Despite the challenges and the bad times, however, both remained steadfast and faithful. The two continued their romantic relationship for decades, and John finally realized how difficult it was to be Madeline by profession and personal.

Died Within Two Months of Wedding

As mentioned earlier, John and Madeline were like born into a family. They often shared a deep love and compassion without any form of selfishness and profit. However, even though they were all committed to each other, Madeline had to face several challenges to get married.

John Hansbury and Madeline Kahn
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Madeline has Ovarian cancer, which she contracted in 1998 and has been treated repeatedly. However, even though Madeline was ill in her marriage, she was still determined to get married on October 10, 1999. Unfortunately, she ended her 100 years with her newly married husband.

Thus, just two months after their marriage, John Hansbury’s wife, Madeline, lost her battle with cancer and died in John’s arms on December 3, 1999. She was only 57 years old when she died.

Life changes after Madeline’s death

After the untimely death of his beloved wife, John Hansbury, he kept on trying. She then contacted OCRA and started helping the needy to help them fight Ovarian cancer. John acknowledges that marrying such a good and pure soul was a great honor for him.

In January 2016, John married another woman named Carisa Jackson. The wedding ceremony is held in a simple, yet sophisticated way, full of unlimited Food and Drink. He is currently living a life of luxury with his current wife in New York, USA. However, John Hansbury also has a child with Carisa named Mabel Hansbury.

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John Hansbury Net Worth

As of 2021, Kahn’s ex-husband, John Hansbury, has a net worth of $1 Million. In addition, he serves as an Advocate in NYC and Chair of the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), the oldest and largest organization of Ovarian Cancer in the world.

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