Spoiler Alert for TITANS season 3

Alan Ritchson aka Hank/Hawk along with fellow Titans team defeated Deathstroke [Esai Morales], Conner/Superboy [Joshua Orpin] broke Cadmus’ hold on him, Jason Todd/Robin [Curran Walters] left the fold, and Donna/Wonder Girl [Conor Leslie] died at the end of Season 2.

However, towards the end of the episode, the Titans appeared to be more determined than ever to remain firm and continue their fight against evil.

With the season 3 launch of DC’s Titans this week, HBO Max officially welcomed the show into its fold. It also delighted viewers by releasing the first three episodes of the new season all at once in a triple premiere.

The first three episodes will likely leave viewers with a lot of unanswered issues. There’s a lot to unpack in that three-part opener, from its hard-hitting retelling of Batman: A Death In The Family to the introduction of Red Hood.

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Will Alan Ritchson return and what will he do next?

It’s difficult to deny that Hawk’s apparent death in Titans season 3 wasn’t particularly tragic. “Hank & Dove” spent a lot of time building up the stakes just to show how huge of a twist it would be if it chose to go there. And it did go there.

There is no guarantee for him to return as Alan Ritchson recently landed the lead role in Amazon’s Jack Reacher series, so Hawk on Titans appears to be coming to an end.

What made Alan Ritchson leave the show?

Hawk found himself in a dismal scenario in the third episode of Titans season 3, with former comrade and friend Jason Todd strapping a bomb to his chest — one that was programmed to blow after a certain number of Hawk’s own heartbeats. Unfortunately, it went off after Dawn pulled the trigger on a gun Jason had secretly rigged to detonate the bomb, killing Hank.

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