Bernice Burgos is an Instagram model and businesswoman from Bronx, New York. She is best known for starring in DJ Khaled’s song video Do You Mind, appearing on MTV’s Wild n Out, and dating American rapper T.I.

We are covering everything about Bernice Burgos’s bio, personal life, her career, net worth, Who is she Dating? and many more. Stick with us till the end to know everything about Bernice Burgos.

Bernice Burgos Bio: Early Life, Parents, and Education

Bernice was born on April 17, 1980, in New York City. She was, however, raised in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Bernice Burgos’ parents must be thrilled about her accomplishments.

She also appears to be quite close with her family, as she frequently uploads photos of them on Instagram. Damaris Burgos, Bernice Burgos’ younger sister, appears to have a close relationship with her.

Sadly, Bernice could not complete her school as she became pregnant at 15 years old. Burgos was kicked out of the house by her grandmother. Since Bernice Burgos’ baby daddy was in prison, she had to stay with his mother during her pregnancy.

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Bernice Burgos Professional Career

Before beginning her modeling career, she worked as a bartender and waiter. In her mid-twenties, she entered the modeling world. Rick Ross released the song “Diced Pineapples” in 2012, and she starred in the music video for it.

Since then, she has begun booking modeling work. Bernice has also appeared in the Wild ‘N Out comedy series. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, she talked about her struggles.

Bernice Burgos modeling. Source: Instagram

“Having a child at 15, I had to like rush into being a mother… I’m over here being pregnant at 15. It was so embarrassing because if you all think I have a baby face now when I was 15, I looked like I was 7. People were like, ‘Oh my God! A baby having a baby.’… It just felt like, I don’t know, it didn’t feel good… I’m 15, but I got to act like I am 30.”

She also talked about the hard times she had been through;

“The pregnancy changed my life. My grandmother kicked me out of the house, and I had to live with my boyfriend’s mom. I didn’t pay rent, and they forced me to do chores around the house to live there. The burden was so big for me I had to drop out of school.”

“After dropping out of high school, I worked as a bartender. I took part in modeling on the side, and it led me to a career as a video vixen.” 

Bernice Burgos model in her brand. Source: Instagram

Photographers and magazine editors flocked to her because of her captivating personality and body. She began her career as a model for publications such as SHOW and XXL.

Bernice Burgos Earnings As An Entrepreneur

Bernice Burgos, despite becoming one of the most well-known models, has always aspired to own her own business. She felt there was a need for a sleepwear company that catered to all shapes and sizes after working in the modeling profession for many years.

Bernice Burgos with her brand The Bubble Gum Set. Source: Instagram

As a result, she established the Bold and Beautiful sleepwear collection. Ashley Burgos, Bernice Burgos’s daughter, has also been assisting mum in the design of the clothing.

Here are some of the things that her company offers, along with their prices:

The Sunshine Dress $21.00
Amazing $27.50
The Bubble Gum Set $29.40

It looks like Bernice earns very good money from her clothing brand.

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Bernice Burgos Mother Of Two Daughters

Bernice Burgos has two lovely daughters, which is hard to believe given her stunning figure. She also gave birth to her eldest daughter, Ashley Burgos, at the tender age of 15.

Ashley was born in New York City on May 9th, 1996. She has also followed in her mother’s footsteps and pursued a career as a model. Ashley looks more like her sister than Bernice Burgos’ daughter, even though they are only 15 years apart in age.

Bernice Burgos with her family. Source:

As for Bernice Burgos’s younger daughter, Sarai Burgos is 10 years younger than Ashley. Despite being half-sisters, Ashley and Sarai seem pretty close.

Not just a mother, gorgeous model, Bernice is also a grandmother. Her eldest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, India Ava Burgos, in 2018.

Is Bernice Burgos Married?

Bernice is thought to be married because she has two children. However, that is not the case. The stunning beauty has yet to marry and start a family. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, has had her fair share of relationships in the past.

Bernice Burgos Rumored Engagement With Drake

Bernice has been linked to several celebrities as a well-known video vixen. She dated Suge Knight, the CEO of Death Row Records and Black Kapital Records, in 2012. However, after a few months of dating, the couple split up.

Bernice Burgos with drake. Source: favorites

Bernice rose to prominence after being linked to Drake. After photos of them vacationing in Australia went viral, the media began to characterize her as Drake’s new girlfriend.

Not only that but there was a report that Bernice Burgos and the Canadian rapper were engaged. Neither of them, though, verified it.

Bernice Burgos Blamed For Destroying T.I. And Tiny’s Marriage

Bernice and T.I. were another couples who made news in 2016. The claimed couple was spotted in some restaurants and nightclubs. When T.I. filed for divorce from Tiny, many people blamed Bernice for their deteriorating relationship.

Although Bernice and T.I. were frequently seen together, Bernice claimed it was only for business. She said in an interview that she has never dated T.I. or any other married man.

Bernice Burgos with her Previous boyfriend Young M.A
Source: Hollywood Life

Bernice has also been associated with some other celebrities, including Quavo, Young M.A, and Meek Mill. Regardless, she has never confirmed any romantic relationships.

Bernice appears to be very discreet about both her love life and her personal life. Bernice’s husband, on the other hand, will be quite fortunate to have such a beautiful, well-known, yet a down-to-earth wife. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

What is the Net Worth of Bernice Burgos?

Bernice’s overall net worth is predicted to be around $2 million as of March 2022 as noted by She earns around $500,000 per year as a model and currently resides in her apartment in New York, United States.

Her net worth is expected to rise further as a result of her collaborations with various celebrities and publications.

She has worked on music videos for many well-known performers. Her sleepwear business would also add significantly to her net worth.

In terms of her lifestyle, she owns some high-end vehicles, including a Mercedes G wagon, a Range Rover Sports, and a Bentley Continental GT.

How tall is Bernice Burgos?

Bernice remains at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is 1.70 m. She has got a Dark Brown hair tone. and her eye is dull brown. She weighs 54kg which is 119lbs. Her Bra size is 34D. She is an attractive woman. Her figure is so sexy and she is quite conscious about her weight.

Bernice Burgos posing for pictures. Source: Instagram

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Is Bernice active on Social Media?

Moving into social media platforms Bernice has been very active in her social media handles. She has her account on Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram handle is @realberniceburgos, and she has 6.7million followers and 2203 posts as of now.

Likewise, She is also active on Twitter with handles @_berniceburgos where she has 96k Followers. Bernice also has a Facebook account with handles @Bernice Burgos Official where she has 33k followers.

As well, she is quite active on TikTok with handles @therealberniceburgos where she has 303.3k followers and 1.6M likes.

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