Lauren Parsekian is an activist, actress, and film director from the United States. She is a well-known advocate for the prevention of bullying in schools. She is the wife of Aaron Paul, an American actor best known for his roles in Breaking Bad and other films.

We are covering everything about Lauren Parsekian’s personal life, her married life, net worth, Who is her husband? and many more. Stick with us till the end to know everything about Lauren Parsekian.

Lauren Parsekian Early Life, Parents and Education

Lauren Parsekian was born in Orange County, California, on December 8, 1986, where she also grew up. Her passion for performing arose as a result of her parent’s involvement in the film industry. Lauren grew up in Orange County with her two siblings, Brooke and Liam. Her mother is Debra Kelly, a well-known actress, and her father is Thomas Parsekian.

Lauren Pareskian with her mother and grandmother. Source: Instagram

Debra Kelly, known for her roles in the films Prizzi’s Honor 1985, Hot Resort (1985), and CHiPs (1997). Thomas Parsekian co-starred in Hot Resort with his wife, and he also appeared in Fame (1982) and Club Life 1983.

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Lauren Parsekian Bullying Incidents at middle school

When Lauren Parsekian was in middle school, she was subjected to a lot of bullying. This was primarily because she was a popular girl, and many of the other girls were envious of her position. Her classmates and even older girls bullied her. She has described how she was frequently beaten up, had things hurled at her, and even had her homework ruined. She made a public statement about an incident with a boy that a close friend of hers encouraged.

Lauren’s entire school turned against her and, treated badly by her close buddy. She suffered a great deal as a result of the trauma, and she became depressed and developed an eating issue. She couldn’t communicate or battle her way out of it, which led to attempted suicide in seventh grade.

Lauren Parsekian’s passion for acting remained unwavering despite her turbulent middle school years, and she went on to Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, after graduation. In 2009, she earned a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking.

Lauren Parsekian Professional Life

Lauren Parsekian made her directorial debut in 2011 with the documentary Finding Love, which she co-directed with her friend Molly Thompson (née Stroud). They spent two months backpacking across the United States, investigating the physical and psychological violence that girls face at school. Shady Acres Entertainment was in charge of the film’s production. Her strong belief in girl power, as well as her personal experience with bullies, inspired her to make the film.

It was well welcomed by critics and fans alike, who praised the subject matter and approach. Lauren Parsekian and her friend Molly went on to start Kind Campaign, a campaign aimed at ending girl-on-girl bullying while cultivating love and kindness, as a result of the film’s success. With this goal in mind, the non-profit group has worked directly with schools.

Lauren Parsekian at Kind Campaign. Source: Instagram

Paul, her husband, has also been a strong supporter of the Kind Campaign. He once assisted in the fundraising of over $1.8 million for a charity. The campaign was timed to coincide with the series finale of Breaking Bad.

Lauren Parsekian has appeared in several other films. She appeared in NCIS: Special Agent DiNozzo Visits Dr. Phil, a YouTube comedy, as well as a syndicated version of the 1981 show Entertainment Tonight. Therefore, she appeared on Dr. Phil’s (2009), Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2014), E! Live from the Red Carpet (2014), Kind Campaign’s Extra (2014), The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2016), and Celebrity Page (2017).

Lauren Parsekian Almost married Aaron Paul at their first date

In May 2013, Parsekian married Paul. Surprisingly, the couple came close to marrying on their first date.

On New Year’s Eve 2011, Paul and Parsekian got engaged in Paris. After a few months, the Breaking Bad star declared his fiancee to be the “greatest woman that has ever existed.”

Paul doesn’t waste any time admiring his child’s mother. In 2014, the Need For Speed actor revealed that on their first date, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Parsekian. Aaron was on the verge of marrying the Orange County native.

Lauren Pareskian with husband Paul. Source: Instagram

In 2009, Paul met Parsekian for the first time at Coachella. They rejoined a year later at the same music festival, and this time they started dating. After that, they went on their first date in Las Vegas. It seemed to go so well that the two decided to hail a cab and request a ride to the nearest chapel.

The newlyweds were unable to exchange vows because the Little White Chapel was closed.

Although getting married on their first date would have been a “really amusing story,” the Idaho-born actor subsequently admitted that he’s glad they married in May 2013. Paul went on to say that he and his wife have never fought.

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Lauren Parsekian And Aaron Paul Wedding

In front of 250 guests, Paul and Parsekian married at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. Bryan Cranston, the groom’s Breaking Bad co-star, was also in attendance. They had a 1920s Parisian carnival-themed celebration, complete with mimes and stilt-walkers (as a nod to their 2011 engagement in Paris).

Lauren Pareskian in her wedding with her husband paul. Source:

The bride later explained the ceremony was “beautiful and so emotional.” She said the first moment she saw Paul “will forever be the most perfect visual snapshot.”

At the wedding, Paul requested that all of the guests sing Beauty by the Shivers, one of the couple’s favorite songs, to his bride.

Parsekian claimed that her soon-to-be husband had texted the song’s lyrics to the guests so that they could all memorize it, and it was the most “overwhelming and wonderful” moment of her life.

Couples have Daughter

The couple has a daughter named Story Annabelle Paul was born in February 2018. They once expressed the possibility of wanting more.

Indeed, the activist stated that her husband is “just down to keep having children”. The actor from Breaking Bad even stated that his life truly began when his daughter was born.

Lauren Pareskian with her family. Source: Instagram

However, it is unknown when or if Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian will welcome their second child.

What is net worth of Lauren Parsekian?

Lauren’s net worth may be uninteresting to discuss as the owner of a non-profit organization, but her husband’s money is one that many people are curious about. Parsekian’s spouse got a lot of fame and money as a result of his role in one of the best series to ever grace the small screen.

However, Lauren Parsekian has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of her professional acting career. Parsekian’s net worth, expected to be around $8 million as noted by Therefore, her husband Aaron Paul’s net worth, estimated at around $20million as noted by

What is the body measurement of Lauren Parsekian?

The film director stands 5 feet 7 inches tall which is 1.7m and weighs 66 kilograms which is 145lbs. Her hair is light blonde, and her eyes are brown. Her breast, waist, and hip measurements are 32-26-32 inches, respectively. You’ll undoubtedly agree that Aaron Paul’s wife is stunning based on her breathtaking images.

Source: Instagram

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Is Lauren Parsekian active on social media?

Lauran Parsekian is a sociable personality with a sizable Instagram following. She uses the social media platform to communicate with fans, share information about her life and business, and run campaigns about her activism. On Instagram @laurenpaul8, she has 517k followers with 2,252 posts. She doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter account as of now.

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